Are You For Real? 5 Reasons People Don’t Claim Their Prizes

Posted by Jennifer Hibbs on March 28, 2013 in Articles, Marden-Kane, Sweepstakes | 6 Comments

6 Responses to Are You For Real? 5 Reasons People Don’t Claim Their Prizes

  1. Lorene Palmer says:

    Haven’t won anything from you people for a long long time. Always loved to get a winning letter or affy.

    Thank you,
    Lorene Palmer

  2. Franklyn Edwin says:


  3. J lee says:

    Recently won a sweepstakes but the item has not yet been sent after verifying two weeks ago. How long should this process take?

    • Jennifer Hibbs says:

      Hi J,

      Timing on prize receipt depends on many factors. You should contact the awarding agency or company to ask when you can expect your prize, but 4-6 weeks from the time you return your completed paperwork and receive confirmation that you are indeed the winner is pretty standard.

      Jenn at MK

  4. Rita Moore says:

    I was called and told by someone who said they were from the Bureau of Consumer protection. The man said that I have won 2nd place winner from Publishing clearing house from around July of 2015. I have entered some things in the past, and that I never claimed it and that it was being held for me by NAUPA, a liquiation place for unclaimed property. I was given a security claims number. I called them and they said I had won, but that I needed to get a State registration seal first, for about 2,200.00 which would be 0.5 % of 450,000 dollars. Then they will deliver it and I pay them the fee. Sounds fishy to me! Thanks for your help.

    • Jennifer Hibbs says:

      If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. This does not sound legitimate. I would contact Publisher’s Clearing House directly to let them know about this.

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