How to Register a Sweepstakes in Rhode Island

Posted by Jennifer Hibbs on February 27, 2014 in Articles, Compliance, Consultation, Legal, Promotion Planning, Sweepstakes | 5 Comments

5 Responses to How to Register a Sweepstakes in Rhode Island

  1. H. Cole says:

    Is registration still required in RI if a sponsor does not have a retail store there, but instead sells its products in connection with in-pack sweepstakes through national chains located in RI (such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS)?

    • Jennifer Hibbs says:

      Hi there! We would need more information to answer. We are sending you an email shortly so we can discuss. Thanks H. Cole!

  2. Margaret Lee says:

    Is registration required if the Sweepstakes is completely online, but our retail stores are passing out flyers about the Sweepstakes and how to enter online??

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