The Winner Selection Process for a Sweepstakes

Posted by Jennifer Hibbs on March 13, 2014 in Articles, Consultation, Facebook, Legal, Promotion Planning, Services, Sweepstakes | 4 Comments

4 Responses to The Winner Selection Process for a Sweepstakes

  1. john parker says:

    I often let Chrome automatically fill in some of the form entry parameters, such as the address. Does this constitute “automated software” that would be flagged somehow?

  2. Jennifer Hibbs says:

    Letting autofill to complete a form would not count against you. The automated software that gets you in trouble are things like scripts written to enter multiple times using fake email accounts.

  3. Russell Kuespert says:

    Occasionaly, I am unable to select my year of birth (1928) in the drop down box because the years listed do not go back that far,even though the rules do not exclude my age. Sometimes there is no information so that I can report the problem to those responsible for the site.

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