Current Marden-Kane Promotions

Posted by Jennifer Hibbs on March 29, 2016 in Articles, Contests, Instant Win Games, Marden-Kane, Prizes, Sweepstakes | 6 Comments

6 Responses to Current Marden-Kane Promotions

  1. Delphine Stockman says:

    Would like to be notified about future sweepstakes

    • Jennifer Hibbs says:

      The best place to learn about any current Marden-Kane sweepstakes or contests is by bookmarking this page and coming back often!

  2. howard wang says:

    please add me to your mailing list (IF you have one) for notification of contests, sweepstakes and promotions. thank you

  3. mariam ortega says:

    hello, im wondering when i have entered some sweepstakes i used a 3×5 card not PAPER, although it is slim, very thin, like a piece of paper, how do you determine what is acceptable in your sweepstakes? is it of worry to me as an avid sweepstaker? the reason is because the store i go to sells packages of 3×5 index cards, but not the 3×5 papers. thank you

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