How We Do It

When you assign your promotion to Marden-Kane, we immerse ourselves in the task at hand and apply our unique brand of creative problem solving to guide program development. We Play Well With Others, effectively partnering with client agencies, consultants, and other marketing resources. This flexibility in understanding our role quickly removes barriers to integrating the best possible thinking on behalf of our valued clients.

Client service is in our blood - it's part of our collective DNA. Our clients and their customers are our number one priority. We work tirelessly to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Each campaign starts with a kick-off meeting where we review all aspects of the promotion, confirm our role and related tasks, review the promotion timeline and confirm all deliverables. Throughout the promotion, our account team will communicate both formally, via on-site meetings, and informally with your team to address any issues that arise.

Read more about MK's strategic and creative approaches, or check out our blog topics related to promotion planning. We author Official Rules, Terms and Conditions and all the necessary legal disclaimers and disclosures for your sweepstakes or contests. We also bond, register and indemnify promotions, in addition to keeping abreast of regulatory compliance and legal changes.