Our Team

Alan Richter
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer
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Alan joined Marden-Kane in 1985 as its CFO; then GM; and most recently as CEO. Alan’s primary role has always been and will continue to be, to provide and develop financial well-being for our Company. With his world-class business acumen and deep understanding of the company’s business model, he has been able to project a clear vision for our Company’s future. Alan has a “hands-on” approach and a proven track record of finding solutions for all of Marden-Kane’s clients’ needs. He has mastered the art of blending a personal touch with a professional approach. Alan started his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young. In 1982, he was named Director of International Accounting at Grey Advertising. Alan is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant in New York State, a member of the AICPA & NYSSCPA, as well as Marden-Kane’s Treasurer and Secretary.

Martin Glovin
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
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Marty joined Marden-Kane in 2005 as its Senior Vice President, Digital and is currently its Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. At Marden-Kane, Marty is responsible for revenue generation, sales, marketing strategy and also leads its interactive practice area working closely with agency clients to ensure their digital marketing efforts are strategically sound and aligned with business objectives. Marty’s expertise includes strategy articulation, competitive assessments, as well as the development and implementation of a variety of online campaigns. Marty also frequently lectures on elements of promotion marketing at various colleges, universities and associations. Prior to joining Marden-Kane, Marty served as a Management Consultant at Andersen LLP and Ernst & Young. Marty obtained his Masters of Business Administration from The Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University.

Fae Savignano
Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
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Fae joined Marden-Kane in 1983 and as the longest tenured employee she has consistently contributed to the growth of the Company by executing innovative and legally compliant promotions across a broad spectrum of business categories. Fae’s experience and knowledge base in the fields of Security Printing and Seeding, Promotion Law, International and Multicultural Marketing has been instrumental in increasing visibility and profitability for major clients as well as to Marden-Kane. Fae’s ability to speak four languages (Spanish, Italian, French and English) is a further testament to her inherent value in our currently rich linguistic environment. Although Fae considers herself to be an artist on canvas, paper, and white board, she majored in Marketing at St. John’s University.

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