Case Studies

Case Study: Western Union American Dream Sweepstakes
The Challenge: Western Union wanted to create a promotion that not only met their business goals but the goals of their hard working customers and consumers. Their goals were to: Engage consumers with the WU brand by letting them know that WU stands by them, and is there to help them achieve their American dream. Increase awareness of the brand’s digital products, including and the WU App among Millennials. Develop a concept that would unite all consumers and a platform to showcase their American Dream stories. The Solution: Western Union created and developed the... Continue reading »

Case Study: Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes
The Challenge: Barclaycard is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial services companies. Their goal was to increase Facebook fan acquisitions and to engage with entrants on a deeper level during a crowded holiday time period. The Solution: To achieve Barclaycard’s goals Marden-Kane designed and launched the Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes offered those who entered a chance to win one of 10 daily prizes, valued up to $1,000 each and a Grand Prize with a total value of up to $10,000. Daily prizes were determined by the item that received... Continue reading »

Case Study: Barclaycard NFL Extra Points #Fandomnation Contest
The Challenge: Barclaycard wanted to entice people to visit and “Like” the Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Facebook page in an effort to increase their social media presence. Barclaycard also wanted customers and potential customers to create viral content that they could collect and display. The Solution: MK worked with Barclaycard to create a fun and engaging contest that will motivate people to take part in one or all seven daily challenges for a chance to win one of several prizes. Entrants were asked to submit a photo or video in response to the following... Continue reading »

Case Study: Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge for Change Contest
The Challenge: Microsoft Citizenship partnered with Windows and Office to lead an online contest campaign for international students ages 18-25 to consider how they could use Microsoft technology and citizenship resources to create positive social change in their communities. The Solution: The contest was designed as an essay/photo contest, with the call to action being to describe what cause the entrant was passionate about, what they were doing or would do for the cause, and how Microsoft technologies and winning the prize could help. Twenty finalists were selected to make videos to further define... Continue reading »

Case Study: Western Union Nigerian Independence Day Contest
The Challenge: Western Union is extremely active in various immigrant communities in the United States and plays a large role in helping these communities transfer money to family in their country of origin. The Nigerian community in the US is one of these communities. Western Union wanted to sponsor a national contest to celebrate traditional Nigerian outfits and came to Marden-Kane to plan and execute the contest. The idea was to have a contest at events in U.S. cities celebrating Nigerian Independence Day. The problem was that if they required people to attend the... Continue reading »

Case Study: Kia Customer 360 Facebook Contest and Twitter Sweepstakes
The Challenge: Kia came to Marden-Kane wanting to reward their dealerships and customers. They wanted customers to use social media to talk about why they loved Kia and their dealership and for this information to go viral. They needed a great incentive and a way to get the most interest they could on the top social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. The Solution: Marden-Kane structured a contest on Facebook and a Sweepstakes on Twitter to encourage users to generate and post content. The Contest was built by Marden-Kane as a Like-gated... Continue reading »

Case Study: Domino Sugar Sweet Memories Qualified Entry Sweepstakes
The Challenge: Domino Sugar had run a traditional Sweepstakes for several years and wanted to run a different type of promotion. They wanted it to appeal to their loyal users and to gain brand loyalty among those that didn’t have a set brand. They also wanted to use a promotion to generate buzz in social media and compile a list of stories and photos from their users without making the task so hard that no one would post anything. Finally, they had a concern about getting high quality of entries. They wanted quality... Continue reading »

Case Study: CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes
The Challenge: CBS Cares wanted to promote awareness of early colon cancer detection by running a Sweepstakes to give away a free colonoscopy. Since the idea of an uncomfortable medical procedure is not appealing to the public, especially the target audience of the middle-aged consumer that is privacy conscious and not always eager to enter personal information online, as well as there being a long list of legal considerations in giving away a medical procedure as a prize, CBS came to Marden-Kane for help. The Solution: Marden-Kane worked with CBS legal to determine and resolve the... Continue reading »

Case Study: Brooks Run Happy Pinterest Contest
The Challenge: Brooks Running wanted to launch its presence on Pinterest but knew there were challenges with the relatively new Pinterest platform. They also were aware that simply asking people to follow the brand on Pinterest without first engaging them and giving them a reason might not be the best way to go. They had a core following on Facebook and Twitter that they wanted to tap into, but they weren’t sure how. The Solution: Marden-Kane worked with Brooks to develop the Brooks “Pin Your Run Happy” Pinterest Contest. The Contest was developed to work... Continue reading »

Case Study: The Western Union Safeway Weekly Giveaway Instant Win Game
The Challenge: Western Union is a financial services company that provides consumers and businesses a fast, convenient and reliable way to move money. Their goal was to build awareness of the Western Union services that are available in participating Safeway Company Store agent locations. Western Union also wanted a way to create greater consumer engagement with current and potential customers and generate excitement by offering them a chance to win great prizes. The Solution: To achieve Western Union’s goals, Marden-Kane crafted and launched the Western Union Safeway Weekly Giveaway Instant Win... Continue reading »

Case Study: The Beringer Summer Unwind Sandals Sweepstakes
The Challenge: Beringer uses sweepstakes and contests to promote their wines but has to contend with the added complexities of state and federal liquor laws when they run promotions. They came to Marden-Kane to help set up and run a successful, and legal, online promotion. The Solution: Age-gating was utilized on the site to prevent anyone under age 21 from entering the sweepstakes and comply with federal and state laws. Each user was required to enter their date of birth to start the sweepstakes registration process – and if they were under 21 blocked... Continue reading »