Moderation & Judging

We have the experience and the resources to manage all your content moderation and contest judging needs. Our judges screen and judge all types of user-generated content, such as essays, recipes, photos, videos, or any combination of these items. Whether it is a traditional offline contest or an online one, we can meet any requirement. Our specialty is content submitted through promotional microsites and social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We moderate and screen content for objectionable messages based on your specific instructions. We also flag content for possible trademark or copyright violations in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Best Practices
For every campaign, an experienced Marden-Kane account manager works side by side with your team to understand the overall objectives, the creative strategy, and the message for the promotion so that the structure delivers the intended user experience. This information guides our recommendations and the development of a relevant and easy-to-understand call to action for submitting any content. We assist in developing copy and review any and all materials relating to the promotion so that the message is clear and legally compliant. Throughout this process, we apply our thoroughly tested best practices to address potential issues and to avoid surprises that can jeopardize the success of the promotion. Our clients appreciate that we bring this same level of expertise and attention to every assignment.

The Right Judges
All skills contests must have independent, qualified judges screen and score entries impartially in accordance with criteria listed in the official rules. We ensure that your contests meet this crucial requirement.

Vigorous Recruiting
Constant recruitment is necessary so that our clients have judges who can respond quickly to any special situation or need. For example, when you need a fashion design contest judged, you need judges with fashion industry experience who are committed to completing the task quickly and professionally. Or if you accept multi-lingual entries, you will need judges proficient in those languages. We find them for you.

Quickly Scalable
When volumes exceed forecast, there is no time to begin the search for additional highly qualified talent. We anticipate these situations and draw from a pool of fully vetted individuals to meet any timing or volume requirements. Our panels have been assembled through years of recruiting and through retention of the best independent judges available.

Formal Training
There is no substitute for formal training of judges to ensure a quality outcome. Our judges receive a project brief, account management support, and technical training on the use of our online judging tool. They also receive continuous supervision by a judging panel team leader.

Judging Content Management System
We know that with some applications, such as a recipe contest, the client wants their own subject-matter experts to do the judging. Our judging tool allows for remote judging capability through our secure password-protected Judging Content Management System. This is a custom application built for each client's specific needs to cost-effectively expedite the completion of tasks, and provides for multiple judges who can judge simultaneously. If there is a question about an entry, we can provide a complete audit trail from submission, through screening and judging of the material.

Measurement and Reporting
In those situations where the volume of entries is a key metric of the promotion, our reports provide robust quantitative data. When the quality of the entries is the key metric, our tool provides additional detail on individual entries in the form of outcome notes and other intangibles that permit a more thorough understanding of the results of the campaign.

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