Technology & Hosting

As one of the first agencies to support an internal online promotion group, Marden-Kane has leveraged technology to enhance the delivery of client promotion campaigns. Since 1995, our singular focus has been to perfect the design and delivery of a wide range of interactive promotions–Sweepstakes, Contests, Instant Win Games, and Loyalty and Incentive Programs–in a timely and cost-effective manner in multiple mediums. Our solutions work; just ask our clients!

All client websites and applications are hosted at our hosting partner, Media3 Technologies, LLC. Media3 is a Tier 1 hosting provider with 24-hour support and redundant capabilities. When warranted, Marden-Kane provides co-location services in two or more locations, including the EU.

Tracking and Reporting
Each client promotion includes two levels of tracking and reporting: (1) website traffic and (2) promotion registration database tracking. Information we provide via website traffic analysis includes aggregate and daily information on key metrics, such as site hits, unique visitors, top pages, operating systems, and top promotion referrers. Promotion registration data analysis includes the aggregate and daily number of unique registrants and entries.

Secure Management of Participant Data
Marden-Kane stores data from each client’s promotion in a unique promotion database. At the close of a promotion, we provide data to the client, or to a third-party client representative, via a Marden-Kane SSL-secured FTP site or other secure, encrypted data transfer method. Marden-Kane considers all client data confidential and never sells or shares data with any third parties other than the promotion Sponsor.

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