What is Promotional Marketing?


What is Promotional MarketingPromotion marketing is any message that includes an incentive to persuade the target audience to take immediate action, thereby driving some form of brand interaction that leads to a current or future purchase.  Promotion is different from advertising and other forms of marketing in that the goal is to drive immediate behavioral change. Promotional marketing is an often-misused tool when placed into inexperienced hands. You must ensure that any promotional marketing that you do is associated with your brand in a positive way and is conducted in a manner that respects the unwritten rules of internet etiquette.

Promotional marketing has long been used in different capacities both online and offline. One of the most proven and effective uses of promotional marketing is in conjunction with a sweepstakes or a giveaway. People are naturally drawn to the lure of a big prize, and a sweepstakes is a great way to gain attention for your campaign without having to give promotional items to a broad spectrum of people.

When dealing specifically with online promotional marketing, the many social media sites can serve as your starting point for a great promotional marketing campaign. Facebook and Twitter are among the go-to sites for mining marketing campaign leads.  These sites have already targeted customers, and have already placed them into a niche for you; all you have to do is entice them with an appropriate prize for a giveaway, and your promotional marketing campaign will be a success.

The best tactic for any promotional marketer is to combine all of the above approaches into a long-term strategy. Marketing in general is not meant to be short-term, and it is well-known that results in marketing can only be truly assessed over an aggregate period of time. With promotional marketing, this tenet applies even more.

Though the word “promotional” may be associated with a more short-term marketing campaign professionals know that promotions build upon each other over time. This strategy of building on the success of previous campaigns helps imbue an audience with a level of excitement that is needed for a product to sell in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. With the proper promotional marketing campaign, the brand of the company can maintain its gravitas while the promotion reaches and attracts more casual fans of the business with a broader outreach program.

Promotional marketing campaigns are used by almost all Fortune 500 companies in their most concentrated form: in fact, most consumers never hear about many of the promotional marketing campaigns conducted by multinational corporations because these campaigns are so highly targeted. Only customers within the target audience are likely to receive word of the promotion. Targeted promotional activity is the best way to ensure that you have a great return on investment on any promotional marketing campaign that you may implement in any-sized business.

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