4 Reasons Brands Should Embrace Sweepstakers

sweepstakers help brands win

Sweepstakers, also known as “sweepers” and even as “compers” in the UK, are the people who put hours each day into entering sweepstakes and contests. Many of them consider it a full-time job. These people take promotions very seriously, and are frequently more well-versed in the ins and outs of sweepstakes industry than some brand marketers.

Not all brands like the thought of a bunch of professional sweepstakers entering their promotions, though. They believe that people who are only in it for the prizes will not be brand loyal, won’t subscribe to their emails and won’t help the bottom line.

However, we find the opposite to be true! Here are four reasons brands should embrace sweepstakers in their next promotion.

  1. Increased Number of Entries

Since sweepstakers take their entries seriously, they will look at your rules and figure out how many times they can enter during the promotional period – and then they will! If the goal of your program is to have as many entries as possible, sweepers can make that happen!

  1. Increased Shares and Awareness of the Promotion

Many sweepstakers belong to a sweepstakes networking site, or pay to be a part of a community that shares the latest promotion information. Some of these sites even have sweepstakes where you can earn entries for entering a brand sweeps through their linking system; you earn an entry for entering another sweeps! There is a whole online culture of sweepstakers who talk to each other and this leads to plenty of opportunities to extend brand awareness and attract new customers to promoting brands. There is even a National Sweepstakes Convention! All of this leads to free advertising and awareness that can be tapped into through promotions.

  1. Increased Awareness of Fraud and Other Potential Problems

Given how invested sweepstakers are in winning, they will be the first to let you know if something goes wrong with your promotion. Code not working? Site down? A key element missing is from the rules? These people will let you know! They will also be happy to tell you if someone is cheating or if they smell a scam – so listen to them if they reach out to you. They can help police a brand promotion so the brand can avoid potential trouble.

  1. Increased Brand Loyalty

Sweepstakers are usually loyal advocates for the brands that award them prizes. They tend to subscribe to emails, and as long as they are getting a value out of the emails they receive — maybe with information on how to enter other promotions — they will stay on your list. They also love to share the news about their winnings with their network and on social media, which is, after all, what brands want their winners to do.

If your goal as a brand is to get as many people as possible to buy and promote your product, the sweepstaker community can make it happen. Marden-Kane can help you connect your brand to sweepstakes sites if you are willing to reap the benefits. Contact us to get started.

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