12 Reasons to Run a Holiday Promotion — 12 Days of Christmas Style


Thinking of how to sell in the idea of a holiday promotion to your client or manager? Here are 12 reasons why a holiday promotion would help achieve your 4th quarter marketing goals this year – with a little help from the 12 Days of Christmas.

  1. Build your brand: Your brand may be new — no followers, no customers, no sales. What better way to start off than to run a holiday sweepstakes for a chance to win something of value so your brand name will stand out amongst the holiday noise. Make your brand stand-out like a partridge in a pear tree.

partridge in a pear tree holiday promotion idea

  1. Encourage brand loyalty: Want people to fall in love with your brand? Give people a free promotional product this holiday season. What better way for them to become loyal customers than to try it out. Let them fall in love with your brand like these two turtle doves did by giving product away something for free.

two turtle doves


  1. Expand in a new market: When testing the waters in a new market, a pop-up store or brand experience might give people the extra incentive to try your brand over their usual. For example, in Paris during holiday time, people flock like these three French hens to outdoor holiday markets – the perfect place to promote your products. Find out what people do during holiday time in your new market and plan around that.

three french hens


  1. Add to your email and mobile opt-in lists: Running a holiday sweepstakes and asking for people’s emails and mobile numbers (and the permission to use them) will make getting the word about your products and services out to these four calling birds even easier next year.

four calling birds


  1. Sell more products: A good incentive sells more products and means the difference between people buying one of something, say a gold ring, and buying five gold rings. Give people a reason to buy more with a price discount for quantity, or a one day Black Friday sale.

5 gold rings


  1. Launch a new product: Let the world know about your new products by running a contest with a high value prize. Whether you ask people to name the new products or provide a review, put your contest into the world like these six geese a laying, and your product might just take flight!

6 geese a laying


  1. Introduce your brand to a new generation of users: Even if their parents know you already, you have to use new tactics to reach the kids these days. Run a sweepstakes on TikTok or Snapchat to gain a newer, younger audience. By trying new tactics the whole family of seven swans will be swimming with excitement over your brand.

7 swans a swimming


  1. Get people to try out your products: You have your products ready to go – eight maids a milking made more trucks of eggnog than you can possibly get rid of without some marketing genius. What better way to get people to buy than to try it out for free. Studies show that offering trials of quality products increases sales on the spot. Now get out there and offer up some samples!

8 maids a milking


  1. Create content for your brand: A social presence is a requirement for any business these days. And social content doesn’t just happen. Using a social contest asking for content with your unique hashtag, you can get all the content you need from influencers and Instagrammers and YouTubers like these 9 ladies dancing (and one dude).

9 ladies dancing


  1. Gain social followers: Go from zero to thousands of followers when you take a leap of faith like these ten lords a leaping did, and post a “like our brand page and comment on this post” giveaway for a chance to win something of high value. Running this on Twitter could get you the followers you deserve!

10 lords a leaping


  1. Get reviews of your products and services: It’s time to toot your own horn! Incentivize your customers to tell you how great you are in exchange for a small token, like a $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift card, and they will be making as much noise for your brand as eleven pipers piping.

11 pipers piping


  1. Find new customers: Drum up new business within your organization. By encouraging your entire sales force to generate new leads for the chance to win a prize for the salesperson who brings in the most business, your brand will be booming from the noise like these twelve drummers drumming are making!

12 drummers drumming

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