6 Creative Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

creative ways to market your business on a budgetHaving a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t market your business. Here are 6 creative ways to market your business on a budget to new and current customers!


1. Put a Sign On It

When you can’t pay for local advertising, rely on word of mouth and a sign or two. Put a sign in your yard, on your car, in your neighbors’ yards – you get the idea. For a variation on a theme, pay someone to dress as your mascot and hold a sign directing people to your store.

2. Customer Referrals

Offering customers some sort of reward for referring new customers is an incredible value to any business, and promotes current customer loyalty. Word-of-mouth is a great way to advertise. And what better way to get friends of friends to your business than encouraging loyalty and a break to friends of friends.

3. Testimonials

One creative way to market your business is by testimonials. Have your customers give product review videos or write-ups with photos on your website or social channels. Just be sure that if you are offering an incentive for these reviews, either with a sweepstakes or incentive offer, that your customers are properly disclosing that they were incentivized.

4. Customer Spotlight

Another creative idea is to have a spotlight interview once a month with your top customers. This interview can take place live on Instagram or you can add the interview to your company newsletter. Once posted, tag your customers and ask them to share on their social channels so their friends will hear all about your company and products or services. Please keep in mind you must get approval before you post anything from your customers!

5. Host Customer Events

Create and offer exclusive live or video events, master classes, etc. to customers. Host live on Instagram and FaceBook versions of these events if people can’t be there in person. Get into people’s homes so they become familiar with your brand!

6. Host a Giveaway or Sweepstakes

A giveaway or sweepstakes that gives away a coveted prize through a random drawing might be just the thing you need to jump-start your marketing efforts. Ask people for their email address and phone number, along with offering an email or texting opt-in, and after the sweepstakes is over, you will have an email list and texting list ready to go for use the next time you want to send out the latest store news.


These are just a few creative ideas to market your business on a budget. Marden-Kane has been helping businesses in their marketing endeavors for over 60 years. Contact us and we can help plan your next marketing promotion.

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