5 Text Message Marketing Ideas

A fast, easy way to connect with your customers is to use text message marketing. Be sure to ask your customers for their mobile numbers along with permission to send text, or SMS, messages to their phones, and then implement a program using a text messaging service to communicate with your customers on a regular basis.

text message marketing ideas

Here are 5 text message marketing ideas and ways to build an SMS customer list:

1. Get SMS subscribers by running a sweepstakes!

At point of sale get people to sign up for text messages by texting a keyword to a shortcode. Your sweepstakes should offer a chance to win one of your products, or a highly coveted prize, like cash. Once they enter you can ask them to become one of your texting subscribers so they can get more news and rewards from you. Be sure to ensure your sweepstakes is legal in your state and country, and always offer an alternate method of entry for someone that doesn’t have a phone.

2. Give Your SMS Subscribers a Head Start.

Let your text subscribers be the first to know about a sale or if products are restocking. Let them know they get an extra day to come in and get first dibs! It will go a long way to building customer loyalty.

3. Text your mobile subscribers about an exclusive sale or incentive.

Make your subscribers feel like they are in an even more exclusive club by offering them a way to get a free gift when they order online or come to your store by using a code word you send to them via text. Text them to mention that code word at the register for a surprise and give them a discount or “surprise and delight” or some other incentive just for being in the know. Switch it up monthly and track who takes advantage of the offer so you can get idea what incentives work best, and then repeat the ones that work best – and segment out those customers who come in the most to be part of your elite subscribers.

4. Use texts for sending coupons so people can find them on their phone instead of searching in email.

If you use coupons be sure to make it easy on text subscribers to access coupons direct from their texts. They will appreciate the convenience, and that simple ease of use plus discounts could make the difference between someone choosing your store over another.

5. Personalize an offer!

Take those elite subscribers and find out their birthday, anniversary, or other special preferences. By sending personalized birthday offers, alerts about favorite products restocking, or a notice when something they like goes on sale, you will continue to build brand loyalty.

Got another idea for using text message marketing to build you customer base and brand loyalty? Share it in the comments below. And if you want help with a sweepstakes to kick off your text message marketing plan, contact us!

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