5 Ideas for a Successful Cinco de Mayo Promotion

Cinco do Mayo has become a huge party day in the bar and restaurant business. You can take your party – whether it be in your restaurant or via a takeout box — to the next level with these five ideas for a Cinco de Mayo promotion.

Cinco de Mayo promotion ideas

1. Run a Cinco de Mayo Social Sweepstakes or Contest

Run a social sweepstakes or contest on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win fun prizes. Set up a photo booth on Cinco de Mayo and invite people to post photos of themselves celebrating. If people can’t come to you, throw some party props into their takeout boxes so they can use them for an impromptu selfie. Give your sweepstakes a fun, unique hashtag and ask people to tag you. Give away gift certificates, swag, and bragging rights!

2. Get the Party Going with Some Freebies

Give away something with every purchase! Maybe it’s free chips and queso. Maybe it’s a beer koozie you designed just for the party. Or you could do something unique and offer a free Uber ride home for anyone that comes to the party. Make it unique and yours!

3. Reward Loyal Customers

Before the big event encourage your customers to sign up for your email or texting program so they can be in the club for Cinco de Mayo. This will be your marketing list of your best customers! Reward them on the big day by sending out an email or text with your reward offer. Maybe it’s $5 off any purchase on Cinco de Mayo if they show the email or text. After the big day, use the list to promote Taco Tuesdays the rest of the year.

4. Piñata Instant Win Game

Stuff piñatas with swag and coupons, and give customers the chance to win free stuff in every piñata. Just be careful that you have enough room, and that everyone is safe when they swing at the piñata. You can even offer an online piñata instant win game to your customers that may not be able to make it in person, or if you don’t trust them with big stick in your place of business.

5. Cinco Speciales

Make everything about el numero cinco! You could offer menu items at $5 each or $5 off on apps, entrees, desserts, or specialty cocktails. You could offer 5 specialty items on that day only for $5 each. Or you could offer a $5 cover charge for unlimited tacos. Make it creative – but make it about the cinco.


And one last thing that is muy importante – Remember to obey the laws regarding drinking (keep everything 21+!), running promotions, and anything geared specifically to alcohol promotions in the state you are located. And keep it culturally sensitive!

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