Administration & Compliance

Official Rules Development
We author Official Rules, Terms and Conditions and all the necessary promotion marketing disclaimers and disclosures for your sweepstakes, contest, rewards program and offers. Our Account Management team of professionals (each with more than 15 years of experience) will ensure that the work product and recommendations provided are based upon our practical knowledge of Federal and State lottery laws, which may affect the promotion as those US laws are currently enforced. We monitor law bulletins/journals, attend law webinars and Law Conferences; as well as work with leading and widely respected law firms to ensure we are ahead of any new developments that may impact the planning or implementation of your campaign.

Marden-Kane Compliance Center of Excellence
For each project, a dedicated Team is assigned to oversee all project work from start to finish. Your Team will include an experienced Official Rules Author that will create the first draft of Rules customized for your promotion, based on information provided via our promotion information form. Each set of rules is an engineering process of sorts and is typically the document that defines the structure and details of the promotion, including entry mechanics, eligibility, data collection, privacy, etc. The Official Rules constitute the contract between the sponsor and the participants deserving of the attention and expertise we can provide. Once the rules have reached this descriptive stage, Marden-Kane will, at the request of the client, engage our outside legal counsel to review the rules and provide comments, if applicable.

Marden-Kane actively participates in the Annual ANA/BAA Advertising & Marketing Law Conference. We are also members of the following Associations; the ANA/BAA, DMA, MMA and GALA, to name a few. Additionally, Marden-Kane’s personnel actively monitors the trades and law bulletins for critical news and updates.

Specific Services Tailored To Meet Every Requirement
  • Evaluation of written, submitted promotion concepts and/or scenarios.
  • Concept options that are compliant with federal, state, and local lottery laws as they are currently interpreted and enforced.
  • Official rules authored by experienced Marden-Kane personnel and evaluated by retained outside legal counsel.
  • Fast delivery — with official rules typically delivered within 2-3 business days from receipt of complete evaluation material.
Run Your Promotion Worldwide
For promotions that extend beyond the U.S., we have a network of promotion marketing attorneys across the world. If you want to conduct a sweepstakes in Mexico, France, Japan, etc., Marden-Kane is your go-to agency. Read more about our International and Multicultural capabilities.

General Insurance Coverage
Marden-Kane maintains all insurance coverage required by federal or state law, including, without limitation, workers’ compensation and disability insurance. At a client’s request, we promptly provide certificates from insurers indicating the amount of insurance coverage, the nature of such coverage, and the expiration date of each applicable policy.

We Provide Everything You Need
Our administrative suite of services provides a comprehensive solution for any promotion campaign.
  • Development of official rules
  • Compliance review of promotion concepts and materials
  • Pre-qualification and review of entry (form)
  • State registration and bonding for sweepstakes (when needed)
  • Selection and validation of winners
  • Processing of winners list and rules requests
  • Processing of affidavits of eligibility and publicity/liability releases
  • Processing and filing of IRS Form #1099
  • Assignment of alternate means of entry via P.O. Box or digitally
  • Procurement and fulfillment of prizes
  • Bonded destruction/erasure of entry data
  • Auditing and support of sweepstakes entrant inquiries
  • Collection and secure storage and destruction of data
  • CCV filing for businesses that want to engage in fund-raising efforts on behalf of non-profit charities
Data Security and Privacy
We understand the need to protect and secure client data and have done so for over 65 years. We have a security and privacy team which works diligently to keep abreast of privacy laws, including GDPR and the CCPA, as well as the best security practices. Here are some links to more information on our current data protection policies:
Privacy Policy
GDPR Compliance Statement

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act - COPPA
Sponsors of online promotions in the US must pay close attention to how they collect personal information from children under 13. The Marden-Kane team brings expertise in how a website must function, including when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent and what responsibilities the sponsor of a promotion has to ensure the secure handling of data provided by children and the safe participation of children online. For more information go to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.

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