Strategy and Creative

How Do We Begin?
First, we listen! Then, based on our understanding of our client's needs, we prepare a brief that defines the critical pieces of information:

  • What are the key metrics and objectives?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Is there already a concept or is a big idea needed?
  • How does the target audience access content (e.g., print, desktop, mobile, tablet)?
  • What social networks/applications do they engage with?
  • Are they mobile?
  • What are the key creative elements and necessary calls-to-action?
  • Is the proposed user experience easy to understand, and does it meet the needs of the end-user?
  • Is the proposed prize structure compelling to the target?
  • What is the ideal entry period?
  • What are the necessary components within the official rules to ensure that the promotion is legally compliant?
Our Methodology
Our methodology is designed to be highly collaborative. This ensures buy-in and approval from our client at the end of each phase of work. Key phases of our process include:

  • Requirements Definition: where we assess and define all aspects of the promotion.
  • Concepting: where we work on that big idea, or refine the provided idea to meet the objectives.
  • Detailed Design: where the project brief, site map, and information architecture wireframes are turned into impactful creative concepts online, and strategy brief, concepts and mood boards are developed for print.
  • Development: where we "stitch" the creative ideas to fully functioning web sites, mobile apps or print pieces. For us, it is all about building with a unique design adapted to multiple devices and mediums.
  • Testing (and more testing): where we test on multiple browsers as well as on multiple devices for online and edit and re-edit for print.
  • Deployment: where the promotion microsite/application/call to action is made ready for "Go-Live."
  • Maintenance and Management: where we continually focus on the optimal performance of the promotion.
Is Promotion Creative Different?
Simply put, yes! Through our experience with thousands of online promotions, our creative directors and technologists know what works. They'll guide you through the process of developing creative so it is easily understood by your target audience and it delivers upon your desired business objectives.

From there we can finalize creative to fully develop your web site, app or printed pieces.

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