Running a skill contest can be more complicated than running a simple game of chance. You will need to consider things like your contest's call-to-action, the entry criteria, entry file formats, submission methods, the judging criteria, how to find expert judges, if there will be public voting, and how finalists and winners will be chosen. It can be a big job if you get thousands of entries, but we are here to help!

Here is a partial list of all the types of contests you can run:
  • Photo Contests
  • Recipe Contests
  • Essay Contests
  • Video Contests
  • Art contests
  • Design Contests
  • Short Story Contests
  • Poetry Contests
  • Coding Contests
  • App Contests
  • Invention Contests
  • And more!
Judging and Moderation
We have access to judges in all disciplines: art, literature, film, cooking, fashion, science, computer programming, and more! For more, check out all of the judging and moderation services we offer.

Voting and Fraud Prevention
Voting is a great way to allow your customers to have a say in selecting winners through a custom online voting platform or on social platforms. Marden-Kane can help you decide which type of voting method makes sense for your brand, as well as determine how many entries should be put up for vote. We also have years of experience in fraud prevention to ensure that only eligible votes count, and fraudsters don’t get a say.

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