Case Study: Domino Sugar Sweet Memories Qualified Entry Sweepstakes

Domino Sugar Sweet Memories Qualified Entry Sweepstakes

Domino Sugar Sweet Memories Qualified Entry Sweepstakes Logo

The Challenge

  • Domino Sugar had run a traditional Sweepstakes for several years and wanted to run a different type of promotion. They wanted it to appeal to their loyal users and to gain brand loyalty among those that didn’t have a set brand. They also wanted to use a promotion to generate buzz in social media and compile a list of stories and photos from their users without making the task so hard that no one would post anything. Finally, they had a concern about getting high quality of entries. They wanted quality AND quantity.

The Solution

  • Domino worked with MK to develop a Qualified Entry Sweepstakes that required consumers to post either a photo or a short essay or both about their “Sweet Memory” of cooking or baking with Domino Sugar in order to enter.
  • Both a microsite and a Facebook application were used as points of entry.
  • Same-day moderation was put into place to ensure that entries were cleared and posted to a live Gallery in a timely manner.
  • People were allowed to enter once a week to sustain interest in the promotion and the entry Gallery was set up for users to see and share each other’s entries.

The Results

  • The promotion was well received and, while the number of entries was lower than for a regular Sweepstakes, the entries were steady throughout the entry period.
  • The average visitor spent over 2 minutes on the site, with over half of the site visitors submitting an entry even though that entry involved posting a photo or submitting an essay.
  • The Gallery was a big hit with consumers with many consumers posting their entries to Facebook and generating more traffic to the site.
  • At the end of the promotion, Domino had almost 20,000 photos and essays to use in their social media endeavors throughout the year.
  • Winners got to experience the trip of a lifetime to Napa Valley. See a video of their experience here.