And the winner is…

Posted by Marden Kane on January 18, 2013 in Articles, Legal, Marden-Kane, Sweepstakes, Taxes | 4 Comments

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  1. Mark Pagan says:

    “You want to believe that people take the time to enter sweepstakes because they want to win the Grand Prize”
    Some might wish to win 1st or 2nd prizes instead. A GP is usually chosen for its allure; that allure may not be so highly valued to all participants.
    Circumstances change: that special event trip that was gleaming in ‘the future’ winds up bumping into real-time plans; or the tax burden that seemed ‘do-able’ was negated by the unexpected car repair.
    PS: Writing for a winner’s list? Always seemed to be a dicey proposition; low fulfillment rate. (sorry)

  2. Phyllis Butler says:

    Sometimes I am hoping to win first, second, third or other lesser prizes being offered by the sponsors. I have entered many sweepstaks where it was one of the lesser prizes I was hoping to win, and on occasion have been lucky enough to win what I was hoping for. I have never been notified of winning a prize I did not want; but, if I were to be notified of a prize win that wasn’t the one I had entered the sweepstakes hoping to win, I might decide not to accept (for reasons such as, it wasn’t something I could use; I didn’t want the hassle of trying to sell it; or didn’t want to have to pay taxes on it, etc
    I do appreciate your articles (this one and one other on this same subject that you posted)
    Your articles are very interesting and informative and gives those of us who enter sweepstakes an opportunity to hear and understand your perspective on this subject.
    Thank you for posting these articles. I have certainly benefitted from you sharing your views. Thank you, Phyllis Butler (an avid sweeper!!)

  3. CJ Hathenbruck says:

    Question in regards to this, you pick a name and then what?
    Do you call them? If so what happens if they don’t answer? How long after do you select someone else?
    What is the process (if you can say) for selecting that one person?

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