What Makes a Good Promotional Campaign?

The art of marketing relies heavily on the various ways in which products, services, and even people are advertised and presented to the general public. Promotional campaigns are one of the most fundamental tools used to introduce or reintroduce any given product or service to a large audience over a period of time. There are many factors that must be choreographed in order to pull off an advantageous promotional campaign. Even before execution, a campaign must contain certain vital elements at its foundation so that positive results will be ensured upon completion. The campaign must be formulated to reach an attainable goal, must be presented in a unique way that engages its audience, and must, throughout its course,   showcase the item or service which is its focus. At its completion, the promotional campaign must bear results.


Promotional campaigns may seem like nothing more than a mechanism for reaching an audience through different means, but to do so effectively, these campaigns must be built on a solid foundation with various crucial elements at their core. Before the gimmicks, social media buzz or giveaways, specific goals must be defined which the campaign must be designed to reach. These campaign goals should meet the specific needs lacking within the area targeted by the campaign’s marketing plan. The most basic goals to be met include the increase of both sales and awareness of a new product to the audience. Other purposes for a campaign can include increasing exposure, promoting a new angle of an existing product or service, or changing current stereotypes of, or prejudices toward, a product already available in the market.

Engage Uniquely

Of the many promotions launched yearly, very few actually leave a lasting impression on the intended audience. Whether it be a promotion centered around bringing the product closer to the user by direct exposure or a campaign fueled by a large social media following, it must be unique. Potential customers are exposed to many campaigns on a daily basis, most of which go unnoticed or, if peripherally noticed, forgotten. To be functional and noticeable, promotions must be unique in the way they entice the audience to engage. The closer a brand can get to a customer, the more likely it is to be remembered.

Showcase Your Product

Many campaigns start off with the intention of highlighting a specific product or service but wind up getting swept away when the emphasis is placed on the wrong aspect of the promotion. Characters, tag lines, and jingles can be a great way to help the audience remember a product; however problems can arise when that promotional element takes center stage, overshadowing the product itself. The tool used to promote must always tie back to the item to be showcased.


Achieving positive results is undoubtedly the goal of any campaign. Although the campaign may be comprised of many elements, the end result must demonstrate that goals were met and improvements were made. Increased product awareness, product sales and product exposure are some of the prime objectives that many campaigns are designed to achieve, and these must be measured and quantified post-campaign to show actual success.

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