Case Study: The Beringer Summer Unwind Sandals Sweepstakes

The Beringer Summer Unwind Sandals Sweepstakes

Beringer Summer Unwind Sandals Sweepstakes Logo

The Challenge

  • Beringer uses sweepstakes and contests to promote their wines but has to contend with the added complexities of state and federal liquor laws when they run promotions. They came to Marden-Kane to help set up and run a successful, and legal, online promotion.

The Solution

  • Age-gating was utilized on the site to prevent anyone under age 21 from entering the sweepstakes and comply with federal and state laws. Each user was required to enter their date of birth to start the sweepstakes registration process – and if they were under 21 blocked from entry through a variety of methods.
  • MK worked with Beringer to ensure that the promotion was advertised according to state laws.
  • To prevent an additional barrier to entry after date of birth was provided, and ensure the highest volume of entries possible, the promotion was kept simple with no special codes or skill required to enter.
  • Three popular prizes (trips to a Sandals resort) were made available to winners to increase buzz.

The Results

  • The Sweepstakes achieved a higher entry rate with more individual entrants than in past Sweepstakes.
  • Only those 21 and older were allowed to enter – or even submit any personal information.
  • Advertising laws were adhered with to prevent any advertising to minors.