Marden-Kane Employee Spotlight on Fae Savignano

This month we are kicking off a year-long series of in-depth interviews with Marden-Kane employees. First up is our much loved Senior Vice President Fae Savignano who celebrated her 33rd anniversary with Marden-Kane in January.

Fae Savignano at Marden-Kane
“Here is a picture of me at work dressed as a nun – obviously I don’t take myself seriously and like to enjoy myself – humor is the highest form of intelligence or at least that’s what I heard!”

What is Your Role at Marden-Kane?

“My role has definitely evolved since I first walked into the 5th Avenue office on January 10th, 1983. Starting as a secretary/assistant I learned everything I could from my supervisors and fellow secretaries. This was something of a culture shock coming from American Express but I did what I do best – I adapted, learned everything I could, worked late, worked hard and I not only survived but thrived in this chaotic but wonderful world of promotion marketing.

I have had many roles, titles and responsibilities during my tenure which included hiring and training new employees, heading our Security department handling all of the logistics involved with offline Instant Win Games, Account Manager of clients I have been privileged to serve throughout the years such as Western Union, Showtime, Univision, CBS, Digicel, ESPN, Campbell’s Soup, Oportun, Smithsonian, DRWF, Pure Formulas to name a few, and as I get older and my MK anniversaries accumulate I’ve taken a different role as advisor and mentor.

My talents were well utilized. Once they found out that I could draw, Mr. Kane would have me sketch out game cards for his presentations. Then, when they found out I could speak Spanish, French and Italian our multi-cultural involvement became a reality.

As noted in my online bio, I have traveled extensively throughout the US of A and beyond. Most if not all of the US States visited were as a result of printing and seeding trips I took while I was Director of Security. It should be noted that I didn’t really get to see each city I was sent to; however, I can talk about their airports and printing facilities were most of my time was spent. But all in all, I now can boast that I have traveled to 47 of our 50 glorious States (if you want to know which ones I still need to go to they are Maine, Oregon and Nevada).”

What Were Your Three Biggest Accomplishments at Marden-Kane?

  1. “Since I started in 1983 I have worked alongside at least 186 MK past and present employees, of which I personally trained approximately 1/3 of.
  2. During my tenure I set-up two external offices, one in Boston and the other in Chicago.
  3. Set up strict off line security procedures, guidelines, forms etc. which were implemented to ensure proper security during the printing and seeding of Instant Win game pieces. Our procedures were the prototype to what is currently used.”


What is your favorite memory from Marden-Kane?

“The Christmas Parties that Mr. & Mrs. Kane (our founders) would host each year at the Friars Cub. They went all out, clients were brought in, there was live entertainment (belly dancers, magicians, caricaturists and musicians) plus every type of food and drink imaginable. And, like a Gatsby novel, we all dressed up to the nines. Those were the days, my friend!”

Tell Us Some Things Most People Don’t Know About You.

“I named my daughter Angela after Angela Lansbury because I was and still am an aficionado of “Murder She Wrote” as well as every other mystery/sleuth TV series, Movies and Books – if I had a boy he would have been named Sherlock!

I have been a “Survivor” fan since the beginning of time, I love to watch reality competition shows not the “Housewives”.

I go weak at the knees when I hear someone speak with an Irish brogue, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers; or with a Scottish accent like Sam Heughan!

I am a Christmas nut! I watch every single Christmas movie during the season whether I have seen it before or not. I love everything about the season and revel in its “Jingle all the Way” glory.”

What Are Some of Your Favorite Things?

“These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Personalities: Elvis, Harry Potter, Maya Angelou
  • Books: Harry Potter (of course), a good mystery novel
  • Movies: Harry Potter, all Hitchcock films
  • Food: chocolate and raspberries in any combination and a double espresso
  • TV Shows: Survivor, Outlander, Fargo
  • Music: Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews
  • Painter: Renoir
  • Location: Alaska”

What is Your Proudest Moment?

“Being a Mom! From the first second I found out I was pregnant, to seeing her beautiful face winking up at me to every day thereafter and beyond. My daughter Angela will forever be my proudest moment.”

What was the Last Book You Read?

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho – It has been around for some time but the novel itself is timeless. It solidifies what we already know that it’s not about the treasure you may find at the end of your journey but the journey itself and the people along the way is the true reward.”

Anything Else We Should Know?

“I love firemen? Can I say that?”


Want to ask Fae a question? Contact us or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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