Case Study: Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes Logo

The Challenge

  • Barclaycard is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial services companies. Their goal was to increase Facebook fan acquisitions and to engage with entrants on a deeper level during a crowded holiday time period.

The Solution

  • To achieve Barclaycard’s goals Marden-Kane designed and launched the Barclaycard Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes offered those who entered a chance to win one of 10 daily prizes, valued up to $1,000 each and a Grand Prize with a total value of up to $10,000. Daily prizes were determined by the item that received the most entries off that day’s wish list.
  • Entrants were asked to create their Holiday Wish List via a drag and drop list of pre-determined items. They could also enter items not on the list. After creating their wish list entrants were directed to the registration form. Upon submitting their registration entrants then had the opportunity to share their list via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Each day the top 10 wish list items were displayed on the promotion site in the order of popularity. Entrants could come back each day to see which items made the list and enter again for another chance to win. Upon subsequent visits entrants were able to modify their existing wish list instead of having to recreate it each time they came back.
  • The Sweepstakes was promoted on social media and the Barclaycard website.

The Results

  • The Sweepstakes received a record number of entrants and 30% of all entries opted-in to receive additional information from Barclaycard US.
  • The promotion provided a fun and exciting way for entrants to share their list with friends and family along with the chance to win exciting daily prizes that were deemed to be most popular by those who entered the promotion.
  • The client was able to leverage the results of the top wished for items in press releases and social networks.