Stream promotional content with Meerkat



Those of you who have used Meerkat know about its ability to create an engaging mobile experience. It is pure fun for the casual consumer and social media enthusiast. It is pure gold for the digital marketer. If you’re not familiar yet, Meerkat is a live streaming mobile app that links to your Twitter account. When you use Meerkat the app tweets a message that there is live video being broadcast along with a link where everyone can watch.

Meerkat works with your Twitter credentials. Log in and you’re ready to share what is basically a selfie but in video format. The Twitter functionality allows for a two way dialogue in the form of comments. This conversation continues for as long as you decide to keep the live stream going.

You can use Meerkat live streams to announce offers, talk about product benefits, and generally reinforce brand attributes. Sweepstakes and other chance promotions are getting a new entry ramp onto Twitter to run quick campaigns that encourage building larger social followings. Whether or not you have a big following on Twitter, Meerkat pays off the promise of what digital marketing can be, namely interactivity with whatever size audience is engaged.

On a production note, Meerkat also reduces the fear factor most of us experience at the thought of being “on camera.” The reason is that live streams are here but then they are gone. There is no ability to rewind, replay capture or share. In other words, bloopers don’t live in perpetuity. With this disappearing feature comes authenticity. It is just easier to be yourself.

The same common sense rules apply to what type of content you can stream. Don’t build your content around copyrighted material like this example from MLB. If you are interested in discussing how these tools can be used to meet your business objectives while remaining on the legal side of the fence please contact us at

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